Enhance yourself with the services and possibilities beyond the limits and perfections. We offer Class and Spot on work force and a beautiful portfolio of work. Octa One is a brand with royality and class.

Octaone Group is now into Hotelier business too. With luxury Hotels and Resorts, we are excelling in hospitality business. With Class leading services, and hospitality beyond your expectations. We love to serve you with Love.

With a Media house based in UK London, we have the best media house. We are into news since 2012 and have been excelling in news with top people and agencies.



Real Estate is one of the growing business establishments, Octa One Groups have put all the efforts to bring great real estate opportunities to people around the globe. Our Real Estate teams have been working round the clock to make sure that every demand of our customer is met with satisfaction.

Passion has taken our the team we have here at Octa One Autos, We celebrate the power with our connected showrooms at 5 different Locations with great sales and services. We also provide transportation services in many courtries including UAE, US, UK and Austrailia. Our brands include a luxury Car Showroom selling Luxury Brands like Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover.



Leading in industries and great possibilites with amazing technologies, We have excelled from nothing to having industries in our Domain and Group. We are lead in industrial world and are known for work of perfection and hand of miracle art.

Releasing This


Octa One Networks is a group of companies with a dedicated team of passionate workers, Working round the clock to make dreams a new possibility and in pursuit of making every dream come true.
We have dedicated our work to create a better future and a better possibilty for a Better Tomorrow.