From Nothing to a Million $ Empire.

Octa One Networks is a group of companies founded in 2006 based in United States with Offices around the globe, Now in UAE and KUWAIT too. We deal in major businesses, Hotels, Showrooms, Real Estate, Press & Media and Major player in Industries. Octa One Networks is run by the Young group of Directors with vast vision and amazing goals.

Starting with small investments and Capital, Octa One has turned into a giant Empire dealing in every business.
With a inspiring staff and passionate team working 24 hours. The US Based company has spread its business in just few years, to across the world.

The Power we have with people create endless possibilites

We Power Businesses.

Octa One Group of companies have a list of clientele with a great portfolio. OCG is know for its work and for the brilliance in work. OCG has great impact on lives of influencers. OCG handles portfolio of Hollywood clientele and other brands that are known.

We handle most brands ourself and we do not outsource any work to anyone. We make our work completely our own brands work. 

Our Hotels and Hospitality centers have reached a great level of perfection with the uniqueness in everything we have put up. 


Octa One Networks is a group of companies with a dedicated team of passionate workers, Working round the clock to make dreams a new possibility and in pursuit of making every dream come true.
We have dedicated our work to create a better future and a better possibilty for a Better Tomorrow.